Humble Minded is a ready-to-wear lifestyle brand established in 2017 by Zar Lasahido. Founded in Amsterdam, the brand began with a simple, elegant, and contemporary concept. Designs that are unique, detailed, and comfortable are at the ethos of Humble Minded. With one of our other main goals being to elevate the creative industry to the next level by connecting people, borders, and cultural differences. Each and every process that Humble Minded does comes ‘From the Heart’, a special narrative that defines us. 

Where are we based?

We are based in Amsterdam and Indonesia, therefore you can have access to our products from both places! It is possible to order our products online on www.humbleminded.com for the international store and on www.id.humbleminded.com for the Indonesian store, but also in the Art and Science store in Jakarta, Indonesia and selected stores globally.