Humble Minded is here to connect fashion with music. This time we collaborated with NALA.

NALA grew up with a predilection for music. Growing up in her parents household, she mostly got to listen to soul, funk and disco, which later on got followed by 90’ and 00’s hiphop/r&b. During her teenage years she developed a more underground-based preference, which was more bass-oriented and less commercial based. Later on she learned to appreciate her predilection again, which nowadays results in a very diverse and exceeding taste of music. Recognizable, but in a new guise. Inspired by artists like Jarreau Vandal and JAEL, and by all the music which has shaped her the last years she gets her inspiration for her sets. She likes to seeks boundaries and to think outside the box. This creates a diversity of blends, bpm's and genres. Whatever she feels and the moment supreme can pass; original en edits based hiphop/r&b and dancehall, neosoul, futurebeats, baile funk and even UK, bass, breakbeats or footwork. You can find her via Instagram @nalaontheweb