Our mission at Humble Minded is to connect and create bridges for talented creatives and give them the exposure they deserve. We value and work towards an inclusive perspective and for this reason, we wanted to create a new collection fully dedicated to unity in diversity.

The team of Humble Minded is thrilled to present you with the newest capsule collection called Coalesce.
Coalesce stands for coming together as one, standing up against the stereotype. Combining a unique, detailed, elegant, and contemporary design. At Humble Minded we believe that there is unity in diversity and that’s what makes it so special. Thanks to our international team, this collection was created through a union of people from different cultures coming and working towards the same goal. This collection is all about staying connected and being creative in moments of uncertainty.
Coalesce has the purpose to bring everyone together as a union, representing different cultures and embracing them as something unique, aspiring everyone for the greater good.

At Humble Minded we particularly admire connecting creatives as our whole team is located across two continents, Europe and Asia. Thanks to this collection we were able to unify our creatives and combine strengths and differences to create a unique collection and powerful photoshoot. With half of the models being located in Amsterdam and the other half in Jakarta, we were able to blend two completely different worlds and work together, highlighting the importance of staying connected as a community and team.
This is also why every process that Humble Minded does comes ‘From The Heart’ because this is what we truly value and this is what we want to express through our collections.