Humble Minded believes in the essence of a sustainable future and strives towards ecological integrity and social justice. However, we are also going to be honest with you that we are currently nowhere near being a completely sustainable brand. But we are committed to take action and ensure that all our operations are sustainable and give back to the community we operate in. 

We’re also committed to being open-minded about how we can better our company and the way we work. By welcoming your suggestions at Humble Minded, we hope to work together with you to make a positive impact on the fashion industry. We stay true to our cause and our environment. As our motto states “Everything We Do Comes From The Heart”.

As of now, there are two key areas we’re tackling in 2021 where we believe that we can make the most change: Supply Chain and Product. 

Supply Chain 

We have personally visited the factory we are working with in Bandung, Indonesia. Apart from ensuring the quality and ethical standards of the company, we have also chosen to work with this company because they follow a strict code of conduct. This includes no forced labor, no child labor, and a safe and healthy environment for the employees.


Unfortunately with every item of Humble Minded clothing we produce, we are creating a negative impact on the environment. But we are aware of this. Therefore, to manufacture our products, we use an up-cycling process which takes materials that are in surplus in factories that would otherwise go to waste. Thus, Humble Minded tries to reduce its ecological footprint on the planet